Most Americans carry preconceived notions about healthcare; they imagine long wait times at their doctor’s offices, high healthcare coverage premium prices, and disconnect between doctors and the patients they serve. Concierge medicine is different than standard healthcare, offering patients many advantages and benefits.

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Fewer Trips to Your Doctor’s Office

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of switching to concierge healthcare is the fact that you won’t always need to travel to your doctor’s office for treatment.  If you need care for an acute or sudden issue (unless you require specific treatment that necessitates hospitalization), a concierge doctor can visit you at your home, providing much more attention and a lengthier treatment session than you would likely receive at a typical doctor’s office.

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A More Holistic, Individualized Healthcare Plan

Traditional doctors have to budget their time with a high number of patients. When you choose a concierge doctor, he/she spends the time and effort necessary to get to know you, to understand your medical issues and your health goals, and develop a more individualized care plan that addresses your unique needs.

24/7/365 Support from Your Doctor

If you need to ask a question or encounter any type of medical issue, you can reach out to your concierge doctor any time, 24/7/365. You’ll receive a timely, detailed response. Instead of navigating through appointment scheduling or dealing with the typical frustrations of a doctor’s office, a concierge doctor will offer support when you need it most.

An Increased Focus on Preventative Care

Most traditional healthcare providers focus on reactive care, treating the symptoms of medical issues after they have already manifested. While this type of care can help you avoid certain medical issues, it doesn’t focus on preventative care. A concierge doctor can perform a full healthcare assessment and determine your biggest risks, helping you develop a preventative healthcare plan that can be proactively implemented every day. This increases the likelihood of avoiding medical problems instead of simply treating their symptoms once they appear.

Dr. Gokula’s Enhanced Concierge Practice  

When you choose a concierge doctor, like Dr. Gokula, they will spend more time with you during each visit than a typical healthcare provider would. Concierge doctors will devote more time during your visits than you could expect at a doctor’s office, checking for related medical issues and helping you recover more fully from whatever issues you’re having. Ultimately, concierge doctors can provide more personalized and more comprehensive healthcare.

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