Concierge medicine is an emerging trend in the healthcare field.  Built on a small-scale membership model, patients pay an annual or monthly fee to have a physician who focuses on prevention, strong care coordination, and specialized amenities. Benefits often include longer appointments and consultations than typical primary care facilities, same-day appointments, and 24-hour access to the doctor. STAYHOME I WILL is a care facility that strictly adheres to the following six best practices in concierge care.

Patient-Centered Care

This is the foundation of the concierge care experience. A strong focus on patient needs includes easy access to medical facilities and check-ups,  concentration on preventive care, and close doctor-patient relationships that result from one-on-one attention.

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Small-Scale Operation with Broad Services

Keeping the practice small is an inherent principle of concierge medicine. There is usually only one doctor at the facility, which allows the practice to personalize patient care. This individual attention enables the doctor to take more time with each patient and helps eliminate rushed decisions and diagnostic errors.

Excellent Patient Experience

Concierge care places the importance of the patients’ needs at the forefront and puts the physician’s needs second. There is less time spent in waiting rooms, beverages  and refreshments are served, and some locations even offer valet parking.

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Promotion of Preventive Care

Staff members at concierge care offices keep up with patient records to ensure that preventive tests and vaccinations are never forgotten or put off. A focus on preventive care saves more lives, as many medical issues are easiest to treat if they are caught early.

Retainer Model

The retainer method typically means that patients pay a regular fee, then get billed for additional services, allowing the facility to generate enough income to operate without herding patients in and out in large numbers to stay afloat. The benefit to the patient is that this gives the doctor more individualized care opportunities with each patient and more flexibility in scheduling.

Coordinated Care

The process of care coordination involves a focus on concierge physicians managing patient treatment in a very specialized way. In caring for their patients, they oversee the entire process by communicating with medical specialists to coordinate treatment.

If you have been searching for a medical practice in the Toledo, OH area that is unique  and patient-care focused, concierge medicine may be what  you have been seeking.

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