It’s easy to see the many flaws with the traditional healthcare system in the United States. Many people are looking for ways to not only receive higher quality care, but also take more control of their healthcare options. Concierge physician services can be an incredible option for anyone looking for a deeper relationship with a physician who provides a more personalized healthcare solution.

What is a Concierge Physician? 

A concierge doctor will offer retainer-based pricing for care instead of charging per service. This is beneficial for those who need consistent medical attention and for some, may even lead to significant savings on healthcare costs. In addition to seeing patients in their office, a concierge physician may also visit the patient at home whenever care is needed.

Keep reading… Concierge medicine offers several fantastic benefits.

You Will Have a Completely Personalized Healthcare Plan

A concierge physician will get to know you on a deeper level than a typical doctor. This means a more suitable, holistic wellness plan for your lifestyle and health goals.

You Can Take Advantage of Telemedicine Visits

Concierge physicians can remotely visit you at home whenever you need care. Instead of the hassle of scheduling an appointment with a doctor who has many other patients, you can rest at home until your concierge physician to provide treatment in comfortable surroundings.

You Can Call Anytime

As a concierge patient, you are effectively ensuring your doctor is available whenever you need him/her. Instead of hoping to contact a typical doctor by phone during regular office hours, you can reach your concierge physician any time you need him/her, day or night.

You Have Greater Control Over Your Care

A concierge physician provides personalized treatment and will consider your input and preferences more carefully. A concierge doctor will also provide more than just reactive care as you develop symptoms; rather, expect preventative care designed to provide you with a greater level of wellness.

You Will Have a Closer Relationship With Your Concierge Doctor

It’s not uncommon for typical doctors to feel rushed and pressured to address each patient as quickly as possible. When you invest in concierge physician services, you can expect longer, more thorough appointments and your doctor to take the time to get to know you on a personal level. When you feel more comfortable with your physician, it’s easier to overcome medical issues with confidence and trust that your treatment is as effective as it can be.

Concierge doctor services are cost-effective, incredibly efficient, and provide a higher level of healthcare.

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