Lifestyle medicine, also known as holistic medicine, is a therapy that addresses a person’s whole body, mind and spirit. This line of medicine focuses on lifestyle changes and preventative measures for health and wellness. Healthy eating, exercise routines, managing stress, as well as emotional and spiritual elements, are all part of lifestyle medicine.

Check out these Lifestyle Medicine facts:

Lifestyle medicine is effective at treating many common chronic diseases

Obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, fatigue, high cholesterol, hypertension, arthritis, osteoporosis and many more issues can all be effectively treated with lifestyle medicine.

It treats more than just symptoms

While conventional medicine uses drugs and other therapies to manage symptoms of a disease, lifestyle medicine gets at the main causes of the disease, to treat the whole body and restore health, rather than just symptom management. This means that curing and reversing some diseases are more possible.

There’s more to it than diet and exercise

Holistic medicine incorporates holistic approaches to health. A healthy diet along with a regular exercise routine can prevent many diseases. Lifestyle medicine also addresses  a patient’s stress levels, social and emotional health, and spirituality. All these factors work together for whole-body health and  can help find the root causes of disease.

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LM is often more affordable than disease treatment

Not only are Prescriptions and doctor visits expensive,healthcare becomes even more costly  when symptom management doesn’t get to the root cause. Surgeries and other medical treatments, complications, and extensive  prescription use all add up to an overwhelming cost. Lifestyle medicine often involves simple changes that cost very little, if anything. But the biggest benefit comes from reversing and preventing further disease and complications. When holistic medicine is used effectively, doctor visits, prescriptions and procedures can be reduced, saving a patient a great deal  of money.

Many health professionals do not receive training

Even though holistic medicine can effectively prevent and treat many common diseases, most conventional medical schools do not include training in the basics of this important field.

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You’re not destined to experience the health problems in your family history

Genetics and family history determine some of your health risks,, but that doesn’t mean the diseases your parents and grandparents suffered from will happen to you. With lifestyle medicine, healthy habits and holistic measures are used to prevent these diseases from occurring.

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