The variety of healthcare options available to Toledo residents has always been fairly robust, owing to  well-developed hospital systems, skilled private practitioners, and dedicated funding necessary to provide such resources. However, for many reasons, accessing these options isn’t always easy. In fact, many people experience delays in healthcare, which can increase stress, allow conditions to worsen, cause treatment costs to skyrocket, or even lead to a missed diagnosis altogether. If needed, a house call doctor will visit the home to administer labs, x- rays, or examine the patient in person.

How Can a House Call Doctor Help?

In-home health avoids the many roadblocks presented by traditional healthcare providers while providing several unique benefits of its own. This approach uses telemedicine to evaluate a patient’s health – most often the same day or next-day – and most appointments result in advice, prescriptions, and follow-up without direct contact.


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Home MD services have numerous benefits, including:

Staying Safe from Other Illnesses

The last thing you want  when you’re not feeling well is to expose yourself to others who may be harboring contagious illnesses. With a house call doctor, you won’t need to sit in a crowded waiting room around other sick people. Instead, you can experience care from the privacy of your home.

Eliminating Unwanted Time Off Work

With in-home healthcare, there’s no need to take time off for a doctor’s visit. Avoid using valuable sick leave or taking a pay cut by simply scheduling your visit during  a lunch break or outside  working hours.

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Avoiding Transportation Issues and Costs

For many in the Toledo area, transportation during peak business hours is a hassle. Home MDs allow you to avoid the stress of traffic and the extra expense of paying for parking by receiving quality care in your own home.

Eliminating Child Care or Elder Care Conflicts

Like many patients, you may juggle caring for children or other loved ones along with work and social responsibilities. Having a doctor who utilizes telemedicine and makes house calls allows you to schedule a visit  from the convenience of your home without needing  to make other arrangements for your children or loved ones.

Increased Access to Care

Many elderly patients experience multiple roadblocks when it comes to receiving care, including unavailability of medical transport and underlying health conditions. For those who may have a difficult time reaching a traditional physician’s office, house call doctors may be the perfect solution.

Whether you have an acute health concern or simply need regular wellness exams, it’s crucial that you see your physician in a timely manner. For many Toledo area residents, in-home health care provides an ideal means of attaining health care without the associated headache of traditional medicine.

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