In this rapidly changing world, the advantages of having the ability to access healthcare online are clear. Not only are online doctors more accessible for everyone, from busy professionals to seniors, but they are often more affordable as well. Best of all, with the technological advances we’ve experienced in the last several years, your online doctor can accurately assess your symptoms, make a diagnosis, and even perform diagnostic and lab testing – all within the comfort of your home. However, when it’s time to choose an online doctor, things can seem a little murky. How can you make sure your online MD will provide the quality care you deserve?

Start with these tips…

Ensure Your Online Doctor Provides the Services You Need

Take time to read through the doctor’s services. While you won’t likely search for a cardiologist and a general practitioner in the same place, it’s crucial to choose a physician who has the expertise and  equipment necessary to assess your daily needs. If you have a condition like diabetes, arthritis, or high blood pressure, ensure your doctor has the expertise to handle your examination.

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Is the Doctor Qualified and Licensed?

Most online MDs share their individual degrees, qualifications, and licensing information in full view on their website. Look for an “about” section that lists these items clearly and concisely. Your physician should be board certified in your area.

Make Sure the Doctor is Local

While one of the primary benefits of accessing an online doctor is the elimination of office visits, most quality online doctors also offer in-home services. If you need to schedule testing or an in-home examination, a Toledo-area doctor will be able to meet your needs much more quickly.

Assess the Security of The Online MD’s Website

Your virtual visit should take place on a reliable online platform and be one hundred percent secure. In addition, your consultation should adhere to all HIPAA standards.

Can the Doctor Write Prescriptions?

There’s no point in receiving a diagnosis from an online doctor if you have to schedule a follow-up visit with a traditional physician to receive the prescriptions you need to get on the path to wellness. Make sure your online doctor is authorized to write prescriptions that can be filled at your local pharmacy and can also provide you with notifications for work or school.

Your Doctor Should Provide Plenty of Options

After your telemedicine visit has ended, you may need to share information with specialists or other physicians. Or, you may need to schedule continued monitoring and regular visits in the future. Ensure your online doctor can accommodate these and other requests as you continue your medical treatment.

Choosing the right online doctor is an essential step towards your overall well-being. In the Toledo area, you’ll find that one local online physician meets all your needs.

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